Building sustainable wealth
& reducing the risk

we believe

When you are able to discuss your hopes, dreams and fears openly, real work can be done. The more details the better. These vivid stories, facts and snap shots provide critical ingredients for a successful and custom financial plan.

A properly executed plan provides peace of mind while families enjoy their most precious resource….time together.  You had the tough conversations when you were calm and in the right frame of mind so that when the challenges happen you can focus on the most important thing. Being there…. enjoying the follow through of when a great plan comes together for you and your loved ones. Taking tough choices away from them because you already made them and everything happens the way you planned it.

Conventional options for managing money during retirement often fall short of solving all of the needs and requirements of modern retirees. We take a different approach to retirement planning, one that focuses on creating a custom portfolio that blends several investment tools to unlock their true power: stable growth, increasing income, preservation of principal, and flexibility ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

These are the types of

custom plans that we build and manage for our clients.

At Aurion Strategies, we understand that the retirement planning process can be overwhelming and confusing for many retirees. We know that many consumers are initially intrigued by the idea of having a guaranteed lifetime income stream, but oftentimes become disenchanted after learning about the limitations of lifetime income annuities. We also recognize that many retirees feel pressured by advisors or commission-driven product salespeople that are not held to a fiduciary standard.

That’s why we adhere to a strict fiduciary standard, placing our clients’ best interests above our own potential compensation. We have the skills and expertise to help our clients transition from the accumulation phase of life into the income/preservation phase of life, all while achieving growth, income, and preservation of principal with limited downside risk.

If you’re frustrated with your investments and want to explore sound methods for achieving your retirement goals, we’re here to help.

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